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that president obama has to make, it could define his presidency. >> well, the president's decision just got a lot tougher. in a leak memo to the white house, his ambassador urged against sending more troops. that advice runs counter to the wishes of the top general in afghanistan. >>the president's dilemma has just deepened, after 22 wars of war council the choice is still tough to spend a 1 billion dollars on each troops sent. and this could mean afghanistan could be sent deeper in terrorism. at the last meeting the president said that the meeting was not open-ended, it leaves the top two men in the country at lagger heads. general chrystal wants more troops but his time is running out. and h7!ekarl eikenberry sent a message not to send in unless they clean up their act. >> i think that the corruption issue goes to the heart whether the people of afghanistan feels the government is on their side, working for them. >> the president's administration is still divided, and mcchrystal and robert gates and hillary clinton, skeptical that this will work. the president has not come down on one sid
that reference that we saw to the element of jihadism. bill: wait a minute. the anti-obama fox network praising the president's speech at fort hood? what's that all about? dick morris on whether the president is handling the massacre properly. >> i think that there's been so much focus on the fact that he's a muslim. when the focus should be on the fact that the military did not pick up on the fact that this guy was emotionally disturbed. bill: more debate over the killer hassan's mental state as opposed to his jihad fanaticism. sally quinn will be here. >> keep it real. think slow. bill: and the being aor nicholas cage in big trouble -- and the actor nicholas cage in big trouble. he owes $6 million to the i.r.s. will he join wesley snipes in the slammer? is it legal? caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. it is veterans day and we thank all of you out there who have served your country. america is the strongest nation on earth, largely because of you
>>> presionan las organizaciones proinmigrante a la cadena c n n. y cuando regrese de asia, obama tendrá que atar cabos sueltos. >>> y crecen la cantidad de personas en internet que dedican tiempo a la interacción social. ¿usted es parte de esto? >>> este es su "noticiero univisión." >>> buenas noches, y comenzamos con la renuncia del comendarista de la cadena c n n. y quien se dio a conocer por sus fus noticiero univisionh@tg[wef lanzará a la política. > >>> grupos pro inmigantes montaron una campaña para que t de periodismo en otra parte. >>> algunas analistas dicen que causó opinión, y que estar tercero en los raiting le dio el golpe de gracia. >>> no podía mantener una audiencia que seguía viendolo, y hasta la audiencia se dio cuenta que se pasó. >>> no todos celeban la partida de este periodista, y dicen que han hecho un excelentenoticiero@ >>> el ejército de estados unidos acusó de asesinato a un siquiatra h@militar por lah@ maa en la base militar de texas. >>> una semana después de la matanza las autoridades dieron a conocer que enfrentará 13 cargos de asesi
is one of the toughest cisions that president obama has to ma, it could definehis presidency. >> well, the prident's dision just got a lot tougher. in a leak memo to the white hous his bassador urged against sendi mo troops. that advice runscountetothe wish of the op general afghanistan. >> the president's dilea has just deeped, afte22 wa of war council t choice is stil tou to pend a 1 billn dollars on each troops nt. anthis could mean afghanistan could be st deeper in terrorism. at the last eting the president sa that the meeting was not en-ended, it leaves the top two mein the cotry at lagger hes. general mcchystal wants more troops but his time is running out. and h7!ekarl eikenberryent a messag not to send in unless ey clean up their act. >> i think that the corruption ise goes the hrt whether the people ofafghanistan fes the gornment is on thr side,working for them. >> te president's administration is still divided, and mcchryst and robert gates and hillary clinton, skeptical that this wilwork. the preside has noome down on oneside or the her. >>it's an exlusive dilemma fothe pr
>>> this mornin on "early today," presidential pushback. president obama sendsadvisers back to the drawing board. >>> scores of sky dirs attempt reord-setting jump in calornia. >>>nd paying tribute. the nation honors merica bravest for their service and the nation honors merica bravest for their service and their sacrifice. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. >>> today we begin with many options but no clear answer. senior administration officials say president obama plans to reject each of the possible scenarios laid out for a new american strategy in afghanistan. the president is pushing his national security team for more specifics on how, when and under what circumstances the u.s. will be able to turn over control to the afghan military. a key concern involves the credibility of president karzai's government, which is largely seen as corrupt, both inside and outside afghanistan. though the top u.s. commander there has called for at least 40,000 additional forces, the president wants to make clear tht the u.s. is
want to go? there is no hesitation by barack obama's political arm, organizing for america, the president's political arm -- i don't think he has another one -- to send out an e-mail calling tea partygoers extremists. this guy,? no, no, misunderstood. he snapped. but tea partygoers, this is what the political arm of obama says, quote "across the country, members of congress who support reform are being shouted down physically assaulted. where? hung in effigy, receiving death threats. we can't let extremists hijack this debate or confuse congress about where people stand. that is extremism in america today. but killing 13 people, no, no, don't get hasty. don't you jump to conclusions here. if there was anyone who could be labeled extremist, you would think it might be someone who spoke of islamic jihad to his fold low soldiers and acted by picking up a weapon and by killing his fellow soldiers with that weapon, but, no, no. real extremists pick up signs. they make the signs with their kids at night. they're nut jobs. they're protesting the government. sarah palin, be afraid.
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to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama has ordered his top advisers to revise the afghan war options they presented him. that word came today after the top u.s. diplomat in afghanistan warned against sending large new numbers of troops. judy woodruff has our lead story report. >> reporter: the president's call for new troop options came with 68,000 americans already on the ground, and calls for 40,000 more, from commanding general stanley mcchrystal. but the u.s. ambassador, retired lieutenant general karl eikenberry, reportedly has strongly advised against major new deployments until the afghan government confronts widespread corruption. reports of classified cables sent from eikenberry to president obama were splashed across the front pages of major newspapers today. the ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in a white house statement issued last night. it read: "after years of substantial investments by the american people, governance in afghanistan must improve in a reasonable period of time." news accounts said four proposals were o
. the hearings are expected on capitol hill next week jay korff, abc 7 news. >>> president obama met with top advisers over the military situation in afghanistan. this picture with his national security advisers was released tonight. he is considering four options. general david petraeus says the president will not make his decision until he returns from a nine-day trip in asia. he leaves tomorrow. >>> on this veterans day, the nation remembers those service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> president obama on a brave soldiers. >> for our veterans and our fallen and their families, there is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and sacrifice. >> the president led the nation in the day of observation of veterans day with the traditional wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the nknowns. he also walked among the grave sites of those who died in iraq and afghanistan. michelle obama addressed service groups and veterans at george washington university. she said she was in awe of the service members. vice president joe biden, his wife
about all the charges he now faces. tonight there is word that president obama has ordered an inventory of all intelligence files on major hasan and how they were handled. catherine herridge updates this investigation. >> a week after the shooting, the wheels of justice are moving forward. >> u.s. army major nidal malik hasan, a 39-year-old psychiatrist assigned to darnell medical center here at fort hood is charged with 13 specifications of pre-mediated murder. >> without taking questions, the military briefer laid out the facts as investigators know them. >> we still believe there was only one gunman at the scene. >> the crime scene, including the are readiness center, including four adjacent buildings and parking lots is described as massive and complex. >> experts have been working to reconstruct and analyze all evidence cheghtsed at the scene. >> investigators now report that private business cards in hasan's name were found inside his apartment near the base. the claim first carried by abc news and later confirmed by fox is that the card included the acronym which included s.o.a.
otros foros... doobs tambien emprendio una dura campana contra el mismo presidente barack obama poniendo en duda su ciudadania.. el psiquiatra acusado de cometer la masacre en fort hood texas donde murieron 13 personas y 29 resultaron heridas, enfrentara 13 cargos en su contra por asesinato premeditado y debera comparecer ante un tribunal militar, indicaron fuentes oficiales... el mayor nidal malik hasan podria ser condenado a muerte si es encontrado culpable... ?x ademas, el presidente barack obama ordeno una investigacion sobre lo que se conocia de hassan y para conocer si las agencias gubernamentales tomaron las medidas correspondientes... ÷@x desaparecidas y mas de 14-mil ooogggoggg'''//////////////////' a '#lado... esta vez nos acompana nuevamente la abogada julia toro.. 1.- mi nombre es ana maria y soy guatemalteca... tengo una orden de deportacion de la corte en baltimore porque no sali del pais cuando me ordenaron que lo hiciera... ahora mi esposo se hizo ciudadano americano...como hago para poder lograr los papeles?.... una manera seria tratar de reabrir su caso de corte,
people urgently need. sean: one person is a president obama screwed up. and remember this? you will not believe who leaked details of john edwards' $400 haircut. and get ready for a republican resurgence in 2010. all of that plus michelle malkin and the great american panel. sean: one democratic senator is going after president obama about health care. he said that driving down health-care costs should have been a part of the debate. do not go anywhere. anyone can prove they're strong once. the real question is can they prove it again and again. ♪ at northwestern mutual, we've answered that question compellingly... for over 150 years. northwestern mutual. consistency counts. put our strength to work for you. learn how at sean: and we continue now with more on the horror of fort hood. there were red flags in the year leading up to the attack, but, unfortunately, those red flags were not enough to stop it. joining us is the author of "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. welcome back. >> thanks a lot, sean. sean: you wrote a pretty hard hitting artic
development in the war in afghanistan. president obama has rejected his four options for increasing troop levels. the president reportedly wants a clear exit strategy, and the entire timeline for a decision is very much in question. in the middle box, were now of more taxes coming your way to help pay for health care reform. more information about harry reid's secret healthcare bill, and sources say it calls for higher taxes, but no one seems to know if it lowers premiums. in the bottom box, another 505,000 americans have lost their jobs. evidence that the government has again overestimated the number of jobs saved and created by all of that stimulus money. martha: we have breaking news right now out of fort hood. let's go and listen in to the new developments we are getting on the charges against major hasan. >> we will conduct a memorial service recognizing the sacrifice and service of their fallen comrades. even as we move the resumption of normal activity, we do so with the utmost respect for our families, as we would never want to minimize the enormity of their sacrifice. third
. president obama said the recession is still keeping its grip on to many families. and taylor swift is sinking anything but the blues. we will have a wrapup of the country music awards. and the latest on the relentless rain. and the latest on the relentless rain. announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. visit... >>> foreclosure filings are down. the foreclosure rate in our area dropped 10% in october. it also fell slightly to 1 385 households. americans are still struggling. >> as the nation's unemployment rate hovered just over 10%, the president called for white house job summit. >> we will gather ceo's and small-business owners, economists, as well as representatives from labor unions to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. >> president obama acknowledged recent growth has not transla
. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama took part in veterans day ceremonies here in washington and as the commander in chief honored america's heroes of the past and present, he contemplated whether to send more troops into harm's way in the near future. white house correspondent wendell goler has the story. >> like every president since woodrow wilson, barack obama used veterans day to reaffirm the nation's commitment to the men and women who have preserved our freedom, but a day after grieving with the soldiers at fort hood and hours before an 8th strategy session on afghanistan, his thoughts were very much on service men and women still in uniform. >> for our troops, it is another day in harm's way. for their families, it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one, and the concern for their safety. >> the president and first lady spent time in the section of arlington national cemetery where casualties from iraq and afghanistan are brewer ried. they spoke with some of the family members who were paying their own respects. mr. obama says it influences his
. >> a stunning display of disagreement within the obama administration. the ambassador to afghanistan has come out against the deployment of a lot more than just troops. the conflict is complicating the president's decision on how many troops to send. >> the revelation came as president obama left on a trip to asia where he will continue to consider how many u.s. troops to send it to afghanistan. he is now getting conflicting advice from the general that retired and was picked by obama to be the u.s. ambassador to kabul, expressing his reservations about sending more forces. that is at odds with the current u.s. commander that once at least 40,000 more troops, general mcchrystal. it has been complicated about the disagreement. >> this is what makes the president's job very difficult. >> the u.s. ambassador fears that president karzai is to corrupt. a former deputy agrees. >> we do not want our young men and women dying to support a corrupt government. >> president karzai did not help his case, saying -- new developments that could affect president obama's decision on how many more u.s. troops
meade. morning, sunshine. here's what's going on. president obama wants to make a move in afghanistan, but he doesn't like any of his options. he's asked his top advisers for help. why even that option isn't getting results. >>> one punch landed boxer mike tyson in the back of a police car. come on. he says the whole thing's a matter of self-defense. >>> and taylor swift gets her moment and then some. her big, big night at the country music awards. and the joke they just couldn't pass up again and again and again. >>> first, though, our top story. the number of americans who have died from the swine flu may be four times higher than we first thought. "the new york times" says the cdc estimates that h1n1 may have killed 4,000 people in the united states since april. the virus isn't getting more dangerous but the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths from complications related to h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, an
. >>> president obama will host a jobs summit. the white house will gather ceos and small business owners along with financial experts and labor union representative to talk about the best way to get people working again. the number of new unemployment filings and freclosures dropped in october, good news, whenever the federal deficit has reached an all-time high of $176 billion. >>> after meeting with the national security team, the president wants changes to allow more options for the net states in afghanistan. the president left today for an eight-day trip to asia. but house press secretary said the president will approved a plan on how to get troops out by the decision is still weeks away. >>> coming up, the police say that the fort hood shootings were premeditated and what president obama once done now with the investigation. >> the police arrest three suspects in a string of gold dust. >> the storm watch coverage continues and what to expect so what comes mind when we switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv looks like new. uh, awesome? actually, i want to talk about how i get $150 back?
>>> back to the drawing board. president obama rejects his advisers' options for the war in afghanistan. >>> family secrets. allegations a missouri father and his sons sexually abused young relatives for years. >>> and old school. a 61-year-old college football player proves age is just a number. >> if you talk to my teammates, they'll tell you i'm just one of them. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, november >> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, november 12th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. after weeks of deliberations about a new strategy in afghanistan, president obama doesn't like what he sees. while meeting with his war council yesterday, the president rejected the options presented to him. according to a senior administration official, the president wants a clearer exit strategy and qular if i indication on how and when u.s. troops would hand over responsibility to the afghan government. before yesterday's meeting, the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan said classified cable opposing
legislation. the tax would apply to people who earn incomes above $250,000 a year. >>> president obama has ordered his national security team to rethink the options on the table for a new way forward in afghanistan. just before leaving for a week long trip to asia, the president asked them to clarify a few key items, including how a potential increase in troop strength would get the afghan government to stand on its own. tara merger has the latest. >> president obama has sent his war cabinet back to the drawing board. he is not happy with any of the options they presented for a new strategy in afghanistan. the commander in chief wants to know how and when american troops would hand over responsibility for security to the afghan government. the new delay emphasizes the obama administration's lack of confidence and afghan president, karzai. >> the government of afghanistan has to accept greater responsibility for its own defense by participating in the training and deployment of an effective professional security force. >> white house aids are fighting back against charges that the presid
obama ordered a review of all intelligence related to hasan, and whether it was properly shared, amid reports even years ago hissian's co-workers questioned his mental competence. the civilian officer is being credited with stopping the attack are sharing their stories. though it's still unclear whose shot brought hasan down, both are hailed as heroes. >> i put myself between him and the rest of the bystanders out ere. >> i was very surprised. i thank god to this day i wasn't hit. >> reporter: back on the army base where 13 lost their lives that day, walls that once symbolized security are now the site of a make shift memorial, as the community tries to move on. >> ft. hood has gotten its breath back and we continue to move forward. >> reporter: today's charges perhaps an important step in the justice system and the search for healing. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >>> military officials have not said what further charges may be filed. one of the victims was pregnant and there is a provision in the military code that allows for an additional murder count for an unborn child. >>> there i
. they believe the shooter might have been in the car with the victim. >>> president obama is going back to the drawing board on a strategy for afghanistan. he will not accept any of the four options by his security team. he is asking for specifics on how and when u.s. troops will turn over security. the ambassador is voicing concerns about sending in more troops. >>> the president leaves for asia tonight. the tour begins in tokyo and includes stops in tokyo -- in china and south korea. he will first stop in alaska to me with u.s. troops there. >>> investigators will released new information from last week's deadly attack later today. they're still trying to determine what clues and suspected shooter drops before his ramparts. courtney robinson has the latest. >> the suspected gunman, some of the things they are looking into is whether he tried to wire money to pakistan and had contact with a radical imam. there were concerns about his stint at walter reed. doctors and staff said he was often belligerent in conversations about his fate. they tried to turn that into something positive but
>>> welc >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, job search. president obama calls for a high level suck mitt on how to get people back to work. but what new options are there? >>> stormy weather the mid-atlantic states are being pounded by rain and wind. it's a storm that just won't go away. >>> home therapy. a very costly treatment for children with autism is now being made available to parents to apply at home. >>> and, the country queen. taylor swift is not only country's biggest star, she's the biggest music star in the country. >>> good evening. the president has been focused on health care reform. he's been focused on afghanistan. but people in the country are focused on their jobs. and so president obama moved unemployment back to the top of his agenda today, calling for a summit meeting to find ways to jump start job creation. and it is needed. another half million workers filed for unemployment benefits last week. that may be the lowest number since the beginning of the year, but it is still not good. so, what jump start options are there? david muir is standing by. david?
crucial red flags in the case of suspected fort hood shooter nidal hasan. and the -- and is the obama administration holding become key information? joining us live, michigan congressman pete heokstra, the ranking member on the house intelligence committee. good morning, sir. >> good morning. steve: i heard you say a couple of days ago that the -- essentially the government was withholding information from you. you're on a key committee. have they loosened up a bit now? >> they have. i asked for a briefing over the weekend. the intelligence community or the white house refused to give us that briefing. i didn't consider that an option for them. their requirement is to keep us fully and timely informed. they didn't do that. they finally opened up. i think things are better now. i'm hoping we're going to get all the information and transparency that we need to fully get to the bottom of what happened at fort hood. steve: you know, it looks like now somebody, perhaps at the f.b.i., should have been connecting some dots. we know back in december of last year, apparently, this hasan charac
'm robin meade. president obama wants to make a move in afghanistan but doesn't like any of the options. he asked his top advisers for help and even that option is not getting results. >> i went to the temple bar district of dublin and drank alcohol there like any normal adult would. >> pictures of her drinking may have cost her her job. why she was fired over her facebook page. >> ♪ when you are 15 and somebody told you they love you ♪ ♪ you will believe them ♪ >> she got her moment and then some. the big joke that nobody could pass up. >>> our stop story, the number of americans that died from the swine flu may have been four times higher than first thought. the h1n1 may have killed 4,000 people in the united states since april. the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths complicated from h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, and he wants an exit strategy before sending extra troops. so he sent all his staff recomme
board as president obama looks for new options when it comes to sending troops into afghanistan. >> a daredevil sky diver set a world record and then moments later he was dead. >> the tide is expected to be well above normal. a live report is just ahead. >> ms out of there. that could translate into major problems on the roadway. problems on the roadway. we but no drink? no chips? and no chance to win madden nfl 10? man, that's roughing the wallet. now this is the total package. two pieces of kentucky grilled chicken, a side, biscuit, and a madden nfl cup. you catch all that? you know i did. colonel -- i'm a fan. still think a $5 sub is a great deal? get the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. now i'm a full back. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. >> 45 degrees in the downtown area. >> a nasty morning. it began as a tropical storm and now it is in no easter. >> it is causing concern in low- lying areas. sander joins us with more on that. >> i am here and the western side of the bay where eight flood watch is up. the tide
possibly write with the obama administration to oppose a freeze on building settlements inside the west bank? , one. this is the issue. the issue is not the guarantees. they averted a negotiated time and again. the issue is the decision, the street strategic vision. as of your question, i have said this before and i will refer to the history of mankind. they don't like in aliens coming to their country and controlling their country. i'm not condoning, i'm not condemning. we used to have a good working relationship with the united states prior to the war in iraq. the reason we in theory a oppose the war was that we told the bush administration that would blind to that region and we don't underestimate the with them. for you to invade and occupy iraq will be equivalent to pandora's box of evils. you go there and you will unleash evils that we don't understand, all sorts of forest have been unleashed. it's actually run for any country in the world to go and occupy another country, dismantle its government, disbanded government, the spanish police force. and pretend that they know better. y
. we know that earlier today, president obama and forceless michelle obama went to fort hood. -- and first lady michelle obama went to fort hood. your thoughts? >> first of all, the president should go to fort hood. these are his troops. these are our troops. they were killed by a man who went off of the edge. it was a terrorist act. whether the individual himself was a terrorist, we do not know, but it was a terrorist act. it created terror. there was obviously something going on in his mind that comported with what was going on in his mind, and that triggered him. it was going on in his mind for awhile. he had not wanted to go to war against his compatriots in many ways, so he took out as much of america and the american war machine in his mind that he could. the problem is he killed innocent people, as terrorists do. it was indiscriminate. and so, i am proud the president went down to fort hood, and i appreciate him going. these are his troops that were killed and wounded, and they are america's friends, and we love them, and we appreciate them and their sacrifice, and we
good evening. m daljit dhaliwal. as presint obama weighs his options in afghanistan, a strong voice of dissent has emerged allenging the american coander in afghanistan's call for anoth 40,000 tops for the war fort. he isthe u.s. ambassador to afghantan, karl eikeerry, anhe says that only10,000 t 15,000 moreorces should be committed. eikenberry is al a formerop commandein afghanian and he says most of those ext troo shld be used not incombat, but to train t afghan army. today, the head of nto also emphasizedraining the afghan army and police. and tohat end, he said th nato allies arelso pledging to send more troops. >> if we left ghanistan behind, terrorism could esily spread from afanistan through central asia andurther and destabilize pakista a nlear power. that wou be a very, very dangerous situation. and i think all governments realize the wayahead is transition tafghan lead so that we can handle responsibility to them. >> in the meantime, there is also ather iss that permeates just about any conversation about commting more troop it is the perceptio andhe reality of widesead co
from washington, thanks. >>> as president obama begins to leave for asia, he leaves without making a decision about troops to afghanistan. after a war council meeting yesterday, mr. obama still has questions about how and when u.s. troops could turn responsibility over to the afghan government. the commander in chief also got adse from former secretary of state colin powell. >> this is a very difficult one for him. and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. and don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time and you figure it out. you're the commander in chief. and this is what you're elected for. >> the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan, a former army general, is said to be strongly against a troop surge. >>> the investigation into the ft. hood rampage is raising new concerns about the lack of coordination among america's intelligence agencies. when the suspect, major nidal hasan, bought a gun in texas last summer, the
after the gibe races. >> and i want to know where's the obama movement. obama didn't get in the white house as a one man show. there are no one man shows in the white house or the congress and if they want to keep progress and change they want to see happen it has to be more than two years to make it happen and we need that movement to come alive again. >> thanks for joining us. >>> still to come, a way you can help children in need just by taking a walk this weekend. >>> not a good day for a walk in our area, the nor'easter is pounding the virginia coast. find out how long it will last when we come back. >>> president obama doesn't like his options when it comes to afghanistan. the white house official tells the associated press the president did not accept any of the four options given to him yesterday. the president wants more information from his national security team. >>> the national transportation safety board is calling for a public hearing in to the deadly metro crash. nine people died when the trains collided. it will be held in february. >>> a mom and dad involved in the b
obama. this is a little less than an hour. >> present arms! >> present. [brass band playing "star spangled banner"] ♪ >> order. >> right shoulder. [shouting orders] >> present. >> present. [bublgle plays "taps"] >> order. >> right shoulder. [no audio] [no audio] >> mark time. halt. >> present arms. >> present. >> order. >> order. >> forward. >> mark time. >> commanders, take charge of your units. >> forward. [drum] >> about face. forward. >> about face. arms. >> about face. forward. >> forward. >> forward. >> forward march. [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] ["hail to the chief" playing] >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the procession of our nation's colors and those of our veterans service organizations and the united states air force concert band plays the -- plays the "national emblem march". ♪ ♪ ♪ [the "national emblem march" playing] ♪ >> please remain standing for the prayer for all veterans delivered by chaplain keith etheridge, director of the department of veterans affairs chaplain
month shy of his first wedding anniversary. >> the obama's spent time with some of the members of the families who had loved ones killed in the war. >> in an unscheduled veteran's day visit, president obama spent time among the graves at arlington national cemetery, specifically at once from afghanistan. she -- he is considering sending more troops. >> as long as i am commander in chief, america is going to do right by them. >> the former secretary urged the president to hurry. >> it is important that he makes his decision soon because there are young men and women out there carrying the battle that are at great risk. >> the commander in chief at with advisers today. he is looking at all options. one calls for 44,000 more troops. and vice-president wants to send as few as 10,000 troops. there are some plans for up to 35,000 more. it is backed by several people. almost as many new forces as requested by a general. obama is looking at past numbers. >> back to focusing on al qaeda and pushing the taliban back so we can withdraw from the region eventually. >> short term, more u.s.
, everyone. creating jobfor americans is nojob number one for president obama. announced today plans for a white house jobs summit in december with os, small busine owners, economists, and labounions. the announment came just hours ter the government reported some encouraging news om the lar front-- the number of u.s. workers filing for jobss benefi last week fell to the lowest level since janua. buwith the nation's unemployment rate at 10., the presidt said he's open to new ids on ways to hire out-of- work americans. it's important that we don' make any illonsidered decisions, even withhe best of intentions, pticularly at a time when our resoces are so limite but it's jusas important that we are open any demonstrably od idea to supplement the sts we've already taken to put amera back to work. that's what this fum is about. >> sie: joining us now for more analysis on theresident's jobs summi alec phillips, political analyst at goldman sachs. , alec. >> good be here. >>usie: why the focus on jobs, now, from presint obama? >> i think there are probay two things that have happened tha
on the day president obama called not a celebration of victory but a celebration of those who made victory possible. >> there are many honors and responsibilities that come with this job. but none more profound as serving as commander in chief. >> president obama placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and then praised all of those associated with america's armed forces past and present. >> we call this a holiday but for many veterans it is another day of memories that drive them to live their lives each day as best as they possibly can. for our troops it is another day in harm's way. for their families, it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and the concern for their safety. for our wounded warriors it is another day of slow recovery. >> the president also called attention to veterans of the vietnam war as a p.o.w. mia flag was raised. >> just as you have never forgotten our fallen commrads neither will we. as long as i'm commander in chief america will do right by them. >> visitors paused by the rain- soaked wall today to pay tributes to the americans lost. the weather
no allusions about it. it is not because of barack obama or joe biden, is because of the veterans' organizations represented here. you have kept them alive every day. and it means a lot. it means a lot to those kids and to those families, those families who are waiting at home. my wife and the first lady have spent an inordinate amount of time with the soldiers and families this past year, and the most exciting thing jill was ever done in her slight is visiting bases in germany on the fourth of july. she wanted to be there. hal uplifting it is for us, what a privilege it is. jill has not stopped talking about the families. and general and mrs. graham are here. some people are asked to sacrifice more than is reasonable for any human being to ever have to tolerate. so the public, john milton, one said, they also serve who only stand and wait. they also serve who only stand and wait. one of the most moving things in my career, we were there at the 50th anniversary of d-day. most of the time, you veterans get together and are rowdy bunch. the interesting that day. some of you may have
for this shooting. >> reporter: president obama ordered a review of all intelligence related to hasan, and whether it was properly shared, amid reports that even years ago hasan's co-workers had questioned his mental competence. the civilian officers being credited with stopping the attack are sharing their story. though it's still unclear who shot and brought hasan down, both are hailed as heroes. >> i put myself between him and the bystanders out there. >> i was very surprised. >> reporter: back on the army base where 13 lost their lives that day, walls that once symbolized security are now the site of a mak shift memorial, as the community tries to move on. >> ft. hood has gotten its breath back and we continue to move forward. >> reporter: today's charges, perhaps an important step in the justice system and the search for healing. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> the murder charges could make major nidal hasan egible for the death penalty if he were to be convicted. >>> the secret service is investigating a stabbing inside the embassy of togo. according to investigators, a 31-year-old man was in
. >> president obama leaves for a trip to asia without making a decision on the war in afghanistan. the president is ordering advisers to go back to the drawing board. nikole killion is in washington to explain why. >> senior administration officials say that the president is not considering any of the options so far. >> new demands for the president to start over. >> we have to recall why we are in afghanistan which is to ensure that that this country does not become a safe haven for al qaeda. >> general petraeus is one of the advisers consulting the president on his afghanistan strategy. officials have presented a range of options from sending in as few as 10,000 troops to 40,000. those involved in the deliberations say the president wants clarification about an exit strategy. the white house said the president believes we need to make clear to the afghan government that our commitment is not open ended. he has concerns about the u.s. ambassador to there. there is uncertainty about the leadership of the person in afghan. >> corruption is the will not the exception down there. >> president obama
. in arlington, president obama met with a team of advisors to discuss options on troop levels in afghanistan. mr. obama wasn't happy with the options. >>> interesting story involving a veteran in milwaukee, today. a 21-year-old army reservist was walking home yesterday morning, when he was jumped by a group of guys. when they looked in the wallet and found an army id in the wallet, they apologized and gave it back to them. one gave him a fist bump and thanked him for his service. >>> stil ahead, the ft. hood hero talks. miss crenshaw is here to talk about the latest online squam targeting facebook users. >> trouble off the kord between gill ber arenas and shaquille o'neal. >> the capitols working overtime. the nationals remove the interment. >>> doctors over seeing the training of an army psychiatrist say they had concerns before the attack, but didn't think he was violent. major any dal ma lick hasan were defensive of his faith. they did not tell the army. >>> 13 people were killed, 2 wounded in the that shooting ram panlg at ft. hood. officials say more lives could have been lost if it weren't
, including a psychiatry exam and a rubberstamp with hasan's name on it. jane: president obama is headed to alaska out for a rally with troops in anchorage before heading to japan. 502,000 new unemployment claims were filed for the first week of this month, and the president announced that he will be holding a job summit at the white house. take a listen. >> we will gather small-business owners, ceo's, representatives from labor unions and nonprofit groups, to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. jane: jenna, where are we as far as unemployment and where we need to be? >> layoffs have slowed down, but hiring has not picked up. although we saw the number of first-time unemployment filings drop to just above 500,000, the four-week moving average is 520,000, and we need at more -- we need more and more unemployment filings reduced during each week to get the number down. that is one trend we're seeing. we are also seeing more americans filing for unemployment, fewer americans collecting benefits. what that means is that you have more people l
back to the reagan administration. of course, that turned out very nicely for the obama administration. neil: people shaking hands. they are going to remember the prior summits, right? is there any sort of a pushback that you get? >> well, maybe a little bit. i think with all due respect to the public, they are busy and doing lots of things. you and i, neil, we focus on this all of the time, every day. i am not sure the average member of the public does remember all of these prior summits. people often confuse talk with action, and both are equated with leadership, and that is why the president does is so much talking. neil: good point. larry, always good having you. larry sabato. $787 billion in stimulus. the part that goes towards job creation, just about $37 billion. still, harry reid plans to take up a new jobs bill that could cost more. and congressman joins us. very good to have you. ka -- a congressman joins us. i do not know if you can see this chart where you are, but maybe we should see something before we do more? what do you think? >> it will take some time for the economy
obama is going back to the drawing board on a war strategy in afghanistan. he has decided not to accept any of notfour options. he is asking for specifics on how and when u.s. troops would turn over security. the u.s. ambassador is are voicing concerns about sending in more troops. >>> the president leaves for asia today. it will begin in tokyo and includes stops in china and south korea. the president will first stop in alaska to meet with troops there. >>> will have more details into the fort hood shooting today. we're learning more about the alleged shooter. doctors overseeing his medical concern raised concerns about his views. it ordered him to attend lectures. they are looking into whether he wired money into pakistan. he made more than $90,000 a year yet lives in a $350 a month rundown apartment. >>> it was a big night for taylor swift. she won the top crown. she beat out big names to when the entertainer of the year. she is the youngest to hold that title. she is the first solo female in a decade to win that award. she walked away with four awards including music video of the ye
, at the white house, president obama once again considering his options for that war. the president met with his national security team for as far as we know the eighth time since the commander in chief in afghanistan or since the commander in chief heard the request for more troops from the general in afghanistan. white house correspondent wendell goler is -- on what to do with afghanistan? >> the meeting focused on four variations of general stanley mcchrystal's counterimage surgetcy strategy -- counterinsurgency strategy. the president is leaning toward about sending three quarters of the 40,000 troops mcchrystal says are needed to be reasonably sure of success. no decision expected until after the president returns from a trip to asia that begins tomorrow. general david petraeus was at the meeting. he says two months of talks have been productive. he says the president is nearing a decision. but senator john mccain said today the president should make that decision as soon as possible and should grant general mcchrystal's entire request. >> i do know that unless we have sufficient resources
>> horas despuÉs debe rendir tributo los veteranos de guerra el presidente obama estarÍa a punto de rechazar las cuatro propuestas que se presentaron sobre la estrategia militar en afganistÁn. >> con lo que sabÍan las agencias de inteligencia,se pudo haber evitado la tragedia' el congreso, lanzarÁ una investigaciÓn. >> miles manchan el mÉxico en apoyo a los electricistas, cesante a los fans abundÓ cabos en diversos puntos del paÍs. -causando cabos en diversos puntos del paÍs. esta mujer resistiÓ mÁs de 72 horas sepultada. >> se sabe lo que causÓ el sivo pobre en brasil, las comisiones de personas a oscuras. >> un informe critica la forma de que se investigaa policÍas de los angeles, perfiles raciales y sexuales al realizar detenciones y arrestos. -ultimah@thwzhvdÑkkph@áánot unÚ. >> muy buenas noches y gracias por compartir con nosotros este miÉrcoles.continuamos nuestra cobertura especial desde los angeles. no cabe duda que los Últimos dÍas han sido sumamente difÍciles para el país.h@thwzhv estados unidos, y a los militares. la principal como es tradiciÓn encab
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